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Monday, 25 April 2011

The Launch of 108 Atal Swasthya Sewa services in Himachal Pradesh on 25th December has heralded a new era of emergency medical care in the state. GVK EMRI and Government of Himachal Pradesh came together with the objective of delivering comprehensive, speedy, reliable and quality emergency service in himachal Pradesh. The service has revolutionized the response to the people in distress and impacted the health index of the state directly. GVK EMRI operates 108 Atal Swasthya Sewa services in 11 states including Himachal Pradesh.
The 108 Emergency service run by GVK EMRI and Government of Himachal Pradesh in Public Private Partnership has become a synonym of trust and promptness in responding to all kind of emergencies. The service caters to Police, Fire and Medical emergencies 24x7 all across the state. The model of GVK EMRI is Sense, Reach, and Care follow up with best in class technology and dedicated professionals. 99% of the calls received on 108 Atal Swasthya Sewa is attended in less than three seconds which is at par with global standards.
One of the crucial differentiator of this service is the passion, integrity, empathy, motivation and professionalism inculcated in its team, which is visible loud and clear.
Amazed by the efficiency, scale and precision of this service, Dr. CK Prahlad called this project as Gandhian Innovation in Harvard Business Review in its May 10 Edition. Piramal Foundation and IIMA awarded this project with Piramal Prize for democratizing health care in India as recent as December 10.
108 Atal Swasthya Sewa has plunged into action to save the precious lives of citizens irrespective of caste or creed during many disasters in Himachal Pradesh.